New Address, Same Blog

“Hello, world,” as the generic WordPress tag would say.

It’s been a busy week, some of which I’ll wind up writing about, and some, I trust you’ll understand, I won’t.  The BLUF (bottom line up front, or main purpose of any piece of writing for the military) is that I’m not going anywhere, I just made a few cosmetic changes that I hope are seamless.

I can’t continue to publish posts as “Ryan’s Appa” when I’m quite obviously no longer just Ryan’s appa.  There’s now a princess in our house to go along with the little man, and while he still hasn’t shown any signs of jealousy, it’s only been a week, and I’m quite patient.  I’m sure the immediate future will provide plenty of fodder for this site, not to mention embarrassing ammo for me and my wife when dealing with their future significant others.

Wish us luck as we continue to parent our little man and princess.  Both of whom, according to their Western and lunar zodiac signs, are predisposed towards stubbornness.



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