Welcome to the Appa For Two blog

Yes, in case you were wondering, and in case you’re either Korean or Korean American, I’m a daddy for two, eight-year-old Ryan and five-year-old Sophie.  For non-Koreans, I have the choice of being addressed as either Ryan’s Appa or Sophie’s Appa for the rest of my days, but this would come at the expense of my own name. Nice idea, but…

Where to start? Don’t know, don’t care, I’m relatively new to this blogging thing but not to writing, and am totally willing to try.

Life story haiku before we begin: native NYer but grew up in Jersey and Texas, GWU dropout, enlisted in the US Army, been writing on and off since high school, love me some Irish whiskey, oenophile, gourmand, chef, restauranteur, husband, father.

I welcome any and all feedback at dmkim1128@gmail.com.

Okay, like the Iron Mike statue at Fort Benning says, “follow me!”  Thanks, and hope you enjoy.



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